The week of Recruitment can be an exciting and stressful time for your daughter. Let us help make the process a bit easier for the both of you! This exciting journey all begins on Thursday, August 27th  and ends with Bid Day on Sunday, September 6th.

If you are placing your order after Bid Day please follow the link at the bottom of the page to fill out an order form! We will not be making pre-made baskets but please specify a dollar amount and we will stick with that! 

Bid day, which is September 6th, is the big day! Make sure to order her something special from The Lily Pad. Bid day packages are filled with Greek items from the sorority that your daughter just joined. All we need from you is the amount that you would like to spend and we will do the rest! We design pre-made baskets and a list of what comes in the basket can be found at We fill each gift in the order that it was placed and by price tier. The time that it takes us to deliver all of the gifts depends on the number of orders that are placed. Due to current COVID-19 regulations all Oxford gift stores will deliver Bid Day Baskets Monday, September 7th . We will continue making and delivering baskets until all gifts have been delivered. You may order online, give us a call, or come by the store in order to place your Bid Day order. 

We receive the bid list AFTER the girls get their bids. We do NOT receive the list early. We have to get individual lists from each sorority, and as soon as we receive the first list we close the store and start making and delivering the baskets. Because we do not get the list until Bid Day after the girls get their bids, we can NOT guarantee the basket to be there on Bid Day. After we close the store on Sunday, we stay closed until all of the baskets are completed and delivered to the sorority house. Over the last couple of years it has taken us on into Monday to complete the baskets. While we are closed we do not take any phone calls until we reopen to the public. If your daughter's name does not appear on our Bid Day lists, then we will call the number that you provide us when you order your basket.

You will be charged for your basket within a few days of placing your order. If your daughter decides not to accept her bid that she was given, or drops out of Rush, we ask that you call or email us to cancel the order before 12pm on the Sunday of Bid Day. If we receive prior notification then we will be glad to make a "happy" basket for her and deliver it, or she can come by and pick up her gift certificate instead. We do NOT give refunds or cash back. 

We will check orders daily and any orders placed on Bid Day and after will be delivered to the sorority house within 48 hours. Orders that are placed on Bid Day will be delivered Tuesday instead of Monday so it is best to place your orders early!

Exchanges can be made starting the Wednesday after Bid Day and must be done by October 31st, 2020. Greek merchandise can only be exchanged for other Greek merchandise.

*DUE to COVID-19 regulations recruitment dates and delivery process may change.*


Order Bid Day Basket:

(662) 238-2900

128 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS 38655

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